First off, a very shameless plug: If you don’t follow Danyelle Little, also known as The Cubicle Chick, you absolutely should. She posts lots of good business content. If you are a mother, there’s even more for you as she often puts up great content for other working moms.

She has been doing this blogging thing for 10 years, and just posted 46 facts her newest readers might not know about her. She encouraged her followers to copy the questions to their own blogs and answer them. OK, will do!

There are a few changes – some of her items are from the perspective of a woman of color and a parent. Those don’t apply to me. So I modified those a bit.  Otherwise…

1. The thing that makes me happiest is _____

A job well done. I get such a high when I finish a project and the client is happy.

2. I always laugh when I think of _____

A tweet with an embedded video where some guy went to a bunch of chat forums and copied all the butchering of the word “pregnant.” It’s right here. I’ve watched it 100 times and still laugh until it hurts.

3. When I’m late, it’s usually because _____

My ride was late. My visual impairment prevents me from driving. So if the rideshare or public transit is late, I’m screwed.

4. I can be annoying when _____

I’m hungry.

5. The thing that bothers me the most is _____

Why people on social media call anyone with a different view / opinion every filthy name in the English language.

6. My favorite part of being a kid was _____

Riding my bicycle all over the place.

7. I am always puzzled when people seem _____

(Going back to #5) convinced that “what I say is 100% truth, and anyone who disagrees is evil and must be killed and sent to hell.” I see it constantly, especially on Twitter.

8. I love _____

Laughing. Brightens even the most cloudy day.

9. Right now, at this very minute, I’m feeling _____

Achy. It’s raining like crazy in Charlotte today. My arthritic knees are barking pretty loud.

10.In the kitchen, I am _____

Competent and improving, striving to make more dishes that don’t include following the instructions on the back of the box.

11.When I am in the shower, I sing __________

Nothing. Ever. I never sing except in church, and that’s only because the Bible commands me to sing. Otherwise, never.

12.If I could meet anyone, living or dead, I would want to meet ______________

Dead – George Washington. We were both born on February 22, so he’s always been my favorite historical person. Living – Guy Fieri. I love “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives.”

13.And I would ask them _____

GW – Describe what it was like that night crossing the Delaware River. GF – Why is an irrational obsession with onions – and the requirement to put mounds of them in EVERY dish – required to be a Food Network show host?

14.The thing about women is _____

They’re emotional, and that’s OK. Men wondering why women are emotional – and women wondering why men won’t show any emotion – is a complete waste of time. Men & women are wired differently. Expecting the other to change – or worse, trying to force them to change – is equally wasteful. Study people, learn what makes them unique, and celebrate it.

15.My favorite movies are _____

Anything stupid that will make me laugh. Beetlejuice is probably still my all-time favorite.

16.The last time I said I should’ve _____

Was when I questioned if I had left my corporate job to start my own business too soon. If I had waited 10 more months, I could have taken a severance package as part of a departmental downsizing.

17.The thing I like most in another person is _____

Honesty. I’m too old for mind games.

18.If I’m in the grocery store, I cannot resist _____

I’m pretty good at resisting stuff since my weight loss surgery. Pizza is probably the hardest thing to resist.

19.Nobody knows this about me, but _____

I’m not trying to cop out here, but I really can’t think of anything that no one knows about me. I’m not good at keeping secrets about myself. I can certainly keep secrets for others though. 🙂 

20.My guilty pleasure is _______

Peanut butter. I may as well get the Jif logo tattooed on my forehead.

21.I believe in God because _____

It is so obvious He exists. Just look around at nature. There’s no way this stuff got here by accident.

22.As a combination spouse and caregiver, I _____

Must balance the two. She doesn’t relish being a patient any more than I relish being a nurse. We carve out designated couple time to prevent that imbalance.

23.I get scared when _____

The last week of the month rolls around. Rent, electricity, water, internet and cell phone are all due by the 10th every month. If it’s been a tough month for business and the last week of the month starts with a potential shortfall, I have to fight off panic mode.

24.I wish I was better at _____

Selling, particularly myself. I need to improve that to avoid #23.

25.The last time I cried it was because _____

I had to borrow money from my brother. Asking for help has never been easy for me, and I’m hard-wired to believe if I don’t meet my obligations on my own, I am a failure as a man.

26.My biggest mistake was _____

A job choice back in 1995. My first-ever corporate job was on a huge bank project that had 12 admins supporting the different functions. As the project was winding down, that number of admins was about to dwindle to 4. One was offered to me, and I turned it down. I thought it was a dead-end job. Eventually, I ended up in the bank call center, the worst job of my life.

27.My favorite part of my body is _____

Like Danyelle, my legs. A lifetime of walking has produced some fabulous-looking calf muscles.

28.In my free-time, I _____

Play the only game I have on my phone – Free Cell. It’s a variation of solitaire that I love.

29.People ordinarily think I’m _____


30.But I’m really _____

Introverted. Networking events are very challenging. I don’t do well in large crowds where I don’t know anyone.

31.My hero is _____

My wife AnJanette. The pain and challenges that cerebral palsy and 2 spinal cord injuries have left her with is mind-blowing. As much as I struggle with my arthritis pain, how she deals with all her pain is quite amazing.

32.The thing I want to know is _____

Why does President Trump tweet like he think it will advance his agenda. It just angers everyone.

33.My least favorite thing about myself is _______

My lack of belief in myself. I also need to change this to avoid #23.

34.I wish I could _____

See with 20/20 vision. I’ve been low-vision my entire life, so I’ve adapted pretty well. But it would still be nice to be fully sighted.

35.When I go to church on Sunday, I _____

Am grateful to be there. Due to the wife’s situation, we haven’t been in several months. Really want that to change.

36.If you want to hang out, I’m apt to say _____

Sure. There will be food involved, right?

37.You’ll never catch me without _____

Sunglasses. In addition to being low-vision, I’m also extremely light-sensitive. I even wear sunglasses on cloudy days.

38.I’m having a good day when _____

The writing flows. I’ve started to concentrate on content writing in my VA business, and when I’m writing easily and building up lots of content to share, it’s just wonderful!

39.Real faith for me means _____

Being convinced something that looks impossible will come to pass. Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you cannot see. (Hebrews 11:1)

40.If I could play only one song forever,  it would be _____

This changes all the time. Right now it’s “Long Distance Runner” by the 80’s Christian rock band DeGarmo & Key. Life is a marathon, not a sprint

41.When I’m stressed I _____

Either worry or eat. Neither is a good thing.

42.My bucket list still includes _____

Alaska and Mexico. I’m a closet polar bear, plus I have some family in Alaska. Mexican is my favorite international cuisine, so I would love to get the real thing from the real place.

43.When I lay my head down on the pillow at night, I _____

Pray that my chronic insomnia will leave me alone for once.

44.When all is said and done, I _____

Want people around me to say their life improved because of my contribution to it.

45.Who makes me swoon?

Obviously AnJanette. We do allow each other a “celebrity crush.” Mine is Jill Marie Jones. I didn’t care how shallow and selfish Toni Childs was on Girlfriends, she was my favorite character. Because Jill is FIIIIIIIIIIINE!

46.Another goofy quirk about me is _____

I’m not a fan of accents, silent letters, and goofy pronunciations. I’m from Ohio, where the town of Lima is pronounced like the bean, not the capital of Peru.  

47.What’s so special about the number 47 that you made that the number of this list?

Credit this one to Judith, my dad’s wife. (My parents divorced & both re-married when I was young.) She has a thing for the number 47 – it’s a prime number, and one that is never used randomly like the single-digit number are. I picked this up and use 47 whenever a random numerical reference is called for.

Like Danyelle, I encourage you to copy the list and use it in your space. Put a link in the comments so I can go read your answers.