Everyone says football is a long season. I couldn’t disagree more, especially at the college level. One minute you are sweating to death in 90-degree opening weekend heat, and the next minute you’re trying to find your coat while debating which bowl your team is going to. Addicts like me watch almost all the bowl games, regardless of stature, because it’s a football game. And then it’s over. Then you debate who won National Signing Day. Then football is gone for 7 long months. So don’t tell me how excruciatingly long the season is. It starts today, and the CFP championship game will take place in what seems like about 3 days.

I’ll be posting my predictions for SEC games here each week, plus a bonus pick of the game involving my alma mater, the Charlotte 49ers, entering their 5th season of play, 3rd on the FBS level. Since I’m an Auburn fan, their game will be last in the picking order. Alabama, also known as The Evil Empire, will be first, unless there is a Thursday or Friday game involving Charlotte or an SEC team.

I’ll have a little monologue before I get to the picks each week. You will notice I have my own nickname for many of the teams, as well as some players and conferences. The Big Ten has 14 teams. Therefore I will call it the Big 14. The Big 12 has a bunch of pretentious, ego-driven administrators that insist on calling it the Big XII and 10 teams. So I will call it the Little 10. Everything will be drowning in sarcasm. You have been warned.