From off the top of my head and other strange places:

-I had this idea. It seemed to me that most of the opposition to our current President was based on things outside the day-to-day duties of the job. Most traditional media outlets, which as we know are staffed with 90% registered Democrats, were all in on the Democrat candidate. Nothing unusual there. But because the Republican candidate has long been known for not being the nicest guy in the world, and is prone to occasional disgusting language, has no political experience, and doesn’t run his words through a political hack posing as a wordsmith, the narrative quickly became that he is evil, and everything he does and says is therefore evil. Outside of his devoted followers who won’t admit he has shortcomings, the rest of the world completely bought in to the “He is evil” narrative. I put up a Facebook post that said he is governing almost exactly as Barack Obama did – using executive orders instead of Congress, pandering to the most extreme base of his party, and viewing himself as the awesomest man on Earth. About 90% of the comments were vengeful diatribes about how evil Donald Trump is. So I was 100% right. I love it when that happens.

-“At least he was honest.” During the “Justice with Judge Jeanine” episode on June 17, the judge cruised Central park in NYC to ask if the Julius Caesar play that depicts President Trump getting beaten and stabbed was over the line. Encountering one man who said it was not, she asked if the victim was President Hillary Clinton, would it then be over the line, he said “Yes. Cuz Hillary’s da bomb.” Well, at least he didn’t try to justify his position as being without bias……

-Is it, or isn’t it?” After the mass shooting at the baseball practice field on June 14, there sure were an awful lot of media outlets that claimed this shooter did not represent all Democrats, but he absolutely represented all gun owners. Do whut?????????

-Over the weekend, I saw a commercial with a bunch of dogs in it, advertising some product to get you through the “dog days of summer.” Uh, you think you might want to wait until summer ACTUALLY ARRIVES before airing that commercial? Or at least until August, which is what everyone really considers the dog days of summer? Advertising majors. Almost as easy work as meteorology majors.

-“Always living on the edge.” At my Toastmasters meeting last week, the theme was natural disasters. The Toastmaster asked if we knew the sports teams whose nicknames were natural disasters, like the Carolina Hurricanes and Miami Heat. He asked me if I knew any such nickname in Major League Soccer. I said sarcastically, “Soccer isn’t a sport.” The Ah Counter, a native of Nigeria, began ringing the bell furiously. (She knows what a clown I am, so no real harm done.) We had a good laugh later.

-The beard & hair thingy is getting out of control. The left fielder for the Seattle Mariners is one gigantic hairball. Saw a highlight of him making a circus catch against the left field wall, and his cap got stuck in one of the wall padding joints. I couldn’t see his face. Just a big ‘ol ball of hair.

-I recently rediscovered comedy from David Adkins. You probably know his stage name better – Sinbad. Found several albums on Amazon Music and YouTube. His show “Where U Been” from 2010 is some of the best work he’s ever done. Search for his routine “Be Fat” from his “Afros & Bell Bottoms” routine in 1992 for a hilarious take on weight and weight loss programs.