These are just being posted, but I predicted them before the games started. Promise.

Tennessee at ‘Bama – One of the great unintended consequences of the expansion to 16 teams is that this game occurring every year on the 3rd or 4th week of October is probably going away. Which is good because it hasn’t been competitive since the 20th century. That’s not changing this year. At all. The Evil Empire 49, Rocky Bottom 14

Ar-Kansas-Pine Bluff at Ar-Kansas – The shine has worn off the Swine. They’re still a good team, much better than they have been in some time. And now they get a paycheck game to heal some wounds. Pigs 41, APB 7

LSU at Misipi – I think I’ll call Kiffin the brat coach going forward. He acts like a spoiled brat kid and watching him lose is a lot of fun. As for LSU, Coach O is leaving at the end of the year as the team has become inconsistent and, according to reports, his home has become a sex trafficking hub. Just goes to show that you can take an ugly dude, give him an 8-figure net worth, and all of a sudden, every available chick in the swamps wants to be with him. After a big win last week, his squad won’t have the consistency to keep up offensively. Misipi 38, LSU 21

South Carolina at Texas A&M – After barely squeaking by Vandy, SC has to go where The 12th Man is, and it’s not going to end well. A&M 38, Fightin’ Chickens 17

Misipi St at Vanderbilt – “How many different ways can Vandy lose a game,” wondered the play-by-play announcer last week after Vandy gagged on a lead they had held for 59 minutes and 30 seconds. This week and next week are the best chances they have to get a conference win, given the wild inconsistency of their opponents. It will be close, but probably not close enough. Jerry Clower U 23, Vandy 17

BYE WEEK at Auburn – It appears that Auburn is settling into the role as best non-‘Bama / UGA team in the SEC. There is a reasonable chance that they win the rest of their games up to the Iron Bowl, which will be the “crashing back to earth” game. For now, only concentrate on whipping the brat coach next week. Let’s hope he rolls in with another smart*** popcorn prediction. WAR EAGLE 0, BYE WEEK 0

Florida Atlantic at Charlotte – Bye week seems like it lasts forever when you’re on a roll, as the 49ers are. This matchup typically is a track meet, which is fine by me. I think we have the weapons to make it happen. 49ers 31, FAU 28

Last week’s record: 6-1

Season: 57-18

Other Byes: Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri

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