We have arrived at October, even though here in Charlotte we have only had about 4 days of autumn weather. This polar bear is hoping for some more very soon. I had a great week last week – all of my teams (Charlotte, Auburn, Panthers, fantasy) won. I’ve got a lot of queasy feelings about this week. I think most of my rooting interests are going to experience some pain. Well, it is Halloween month, so one should expect a few spooky things (not to mention a sickening over-emphasis on pumpkin spice everything). Let’s see what ghosts and goblins will appear this week.

Misipi at ‘Bama – My brother had the best response ever when I texted him before week 1 to tell him Lane Kiffin would miss the Misipi game with COVID: “The virus took the spot where his soul used to be.” LOL! Kiffin may have no soul, but he’s a prolific recruiter. For only the second time in about 100 years, the Tide is going to have to sweat bullets before they secure their 147th straight win. The Evil Empire 41, Misipi 38

Ar-Kansas at Georgia – Easily the game of the day, even more than the one listed above. Who knew Pittman was going to rebuild Ar-Kansas this fast? On the other side, you have to think bringing in the 2nd-best recruiting class multiple years in a row is going to get you over the hump eventually. This should be a dandy. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 20, Pigs 13

Florida at Kentucky – A couple years ago, UK managed to defeat Florida for the first time in several centuries. It looks like they have another solid team this year, but I’m not sure it’s enough to repeat history. Lizards 31, Briars 27

Tennessee at Missouri – The experiment with the ‘Bama guy didn’t work, and UT got a new athletic director. He decided to bring the football coach from his old school with him. It’s going to take a little while to clean this up. It’s a lot like where Butch Jones was after the Derek Dooley fiasco. Patience, Rocky Top People. Mizzou 34, Rocky Bottom 17

Troy at South Carolina – A rare midseason paycheck game. Fightin’ Chickens 34, Troy 13

Misipi St at Texas A&M – Both squads are coming of very disappointing losses. I’ll go with the home team, as the road team doesn’t have those bloody obnoxious cowbells. A&M 27, Misipi St 20

UConn at Vanderbilt – The exact polar opposite of the Pigs & Dawgs. DVR this game and put it on the next time you have an insomnia attack. Vandy 13, UConn 10

Auburn at LSU – Auburn is a hot mess. Two QBs have had ample opportunities to establish themselves as The Guy, but neither has. The WR receivers coach got fired. The coach is trying the old “my opponent is a Communist spy so I can’t tell who I’m going to play at QB” routine. I think that’s because if you have 2 QBs, you have none. Finley is going to get significant time, and he might even play well enough to earn the permanent starting job and force Nix into the transfer portal. But the disarray of the entire team is not something you can bring with you to Death Valley. LSU 38 war eagle 17

Charlotte at Illinois – MTSU was able to exploit the massive holes in my squad’s defense last week. It’s hard to imagine a Power 5 team not doing likewise, even if that Power 5 team is really struggling. Charlotte can’t stop the run, which is the only thing Illinois knows how to do. I just don’t have any good feelings about this. Illinois 23, 49ers 10

Last week’s record: 7-2

Season: 41-10