It’s amazing how extreme we can be when it comes to our sports teams. People were sure Ohio State was a title contender. Then they lose one game to another conference power, and everybody stops talking about them, even though the odds are still in favor of them winning the rest of their games and being conference champion again. I was making noise about Charlotte going 8-4 after the 2-0 start. Then we lay an egg at Georgia State and now I’m wondering if we can get enough wins to get to a bowl. It’s enough to make you drink yourself silly, develop an ulcer, or both. Well, let’s see what week 4 has to torture – er, uh, I mean, offer – us.

Southern Miss at ‘Bama – A Conference USA team going to the house of an SEC power to get a check that partially funds the athletic department, plus a whuppin’ on the field. I think I’ve seen this script before. The Evil Empire 48, USM 7

Texas A&M vs. Ar-Kansas (Arlington) – It looks like Pittman has quickly rebuilt this squad into a legitimate football team. Even though this is a rivalry game, there’s too much weaponry for the improved pork carriers to overcome. A&M 30, Pigs 27

Tennessee at Florida – From last week, we know UF has a pretty good team. From all the events in September, we know absolutely nothing about UT. I think we’ll know even less after this week. Lizards 34, Rocky Bottom 17

LSU at Misipi St – Here are two more teams that will make your brain leak if you think too hard about them. I’m still leaning to 2020 being the exception for LSU instead of 2019. LSU 33, Jerry Clower U 30

Missouri at Boston College – In almost every combination, SEC > ACC. Mizzou 29, Doug Flutie’s School 24

Kentucky at South Carolina – Frank Beamer’s Son is going to need time to rebuild SC. I’m hoping he doesn’t do so until after my Charlotte 49ers play in Columbia next September. Briars 34, Fightin’ Chickens 27

Georgia at Vanderbilt – Speaking of 23-year rebuilding projects…. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 56, Vandy 7

Georgia State at Auburn – I get some 49er revenge vicariously through Auburn. WAR EAGLE 47, GSU 20

Middle Tennessee State at Charlotte – Well, so much for all those big dreams of sweeping the non-conference slate and getting to 8 wins. But try to work with me a bit. I paid a ton of money in tuition to be a Charlotte 49ers fan. High hopes return for this week, facing an up-and-down MTSU squad who switched QBs during last week’s game, only to see the deposed QB quit the team this week so he can concentrate on supporting his wife and unborn child. I tip my hat to him, and hope the unstable offense is unable to exploit the massive holes on my squad’s defense. 49ers 23, MTSU 20

Last week’s record: 11-2

Season: 34-8

BYE: Misipi