Sometimes it’s good to be wrong – such as when you predict that your alma mater is not yet ready to beat a Power 5 team, but they go ahead and do it anyway. How ‘bout them 49ers? As we move into week 2, we’re still dealing with a number of paycheck games and matchups between teams that slept through week 1 that we don’t know how good they really are. Oh, well. Throwing caution to the wind and making predictions anyway….

Mercer at ‘Bama – The 4th-string players will play the entire second half. The Evil Empire 70, Mercer 14

Texas at Ar-Kansas – The Longhorns appear to be either all the way back, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Should be relatively painless. Texas 27, Pigs 13

Florida at South Florida – Do not adjust your screen. Florida is actually playing a true non-conference road game with no Native American mascot. Fortunately for them, they picked about the worst possible opponent in which to do so. Lizards 44, USF 3

UAB at Georgia – UAB is where my brother went to school, so I root for them whenever they aren’t playing Charlotte (we’re both in Conference USA). But… that UGA defense! Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 31, UAB 3

Missouri at Kentucky – Neither had a real test in week 1. Kentucky’s program under Mark Stoops is further along than the Eli Drinkowitz rebuild in Missouri. Briars 31, Mizzou 20

McNeese State at LSU – So was the 2019 national championship team the exception, or the 2020 team? We’ll have to wait until at least week 4 to get genuine answers. For now, a tiny in-state school gets a nice check. LSU 39, McNeese St 6

Austin Peay at Misipi – COVID-stricken coach Kiffin bragged after the Louisville game that he was already looking at Austin Peay film. Uh, whatever, Coach. It’s not like this is ‘Bama or anything. Misipi 49, APU 7

NC State at Misipi St – MSU got whipped for about 55 minutes last week, then rallied. NC State looked fabulous against Florida’s worst FBS team. Slight edge to the home team from the superior conference. Jerry Clower U 28, NC State 27

South Carolina at East Carolina – ECU got whupped by App St, but a lot of teams are going to say that. They might play better, but you might not be able to tell from the final score. Fightin’ Chickens 38, UNC-Greenville 13

Pittsburgh at Tennessee – I’ll be honest – I know almost nothing about either team. About the only thing I have to go on is, SEC > ACC. Pitt 24, Rocky Medium 21

Texas A&M vs. Colorado (Denver) – Interesting road test for A&M and their $9 million head coach. A&M 27, Colorado 20

Vanderbilt at Colorado State – The new HC now is fully aware he is no longer at an NFL minor league team like he was at Notre Dame. More like a high school minor league team. CSU 23, Vandy 10

Alabama State at Auburn – I was born & raised in Ohio, so I can tell you that Akron has never been an athletic hotbed. So we didn’t really learn anything about Auburn last week. We won’t learn anything this week either. Next week at Penn State, we will learn a lot more. WAR EAGLE 49, Alabama St 10

Gardner-Webb at Charlotte – Never been so happy to be wrong in my life. We WERE able to take down a power 5 team, even if it is a rotten one. E Tennessee St feels the same way after beating Vandy. Now we have our FCS game. We owe this school one for beating us in men’s hoops last year. So it’s a program Revenge Game. 49ers 47, GWU 17

 Last week’s record: 11-4