Midseason coach firings are becoming a thing. TCU is the latest, joining Georgia Southern, USC, LSU, and Washington State. Clay Helton, fired at USC, has taken the Georgia Southern job. Probably won’t see any more of this in the SEC, where 9 schools will start the 2022 season with coaches that have been in place 4 years or less. Four of the remaining 5 have coaches firmly entrenched (UGA, ‘Bama, A&M, Kentucky), leaving only Florida with any current coaching questions. The biggest question there is why Dan Mullen is getting destroyed by Kirby Smart in recruiting. Something to watch. On to week 10.

LSU at ‘Bama – A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, this was the Game of the Year in the SEC. Actually it was about 10 years ago. Today, LSU is looking for a new coach and ‘Bama is hoping Saban coaches until he’s 90 now that the shine has worn off Clempson coach (and ‘Bama alum) Dabo Swinney. Those of us who hate Saban and the Tide expect him to coach until he’s 100, just to get on our nerves (and beat us 20-25 more times). The Evil Empire 41, LSU 10

Misipi St at Ar-Kansas – Predicting both of these teams can be quite maddening. Although I’m not resorting to pixie dust to predict this game, that wouldn’t be any more far-fetched than analysis. Pigs 34, Jerry Clower U 31

Missouri at Georgia – Suddenly, there is question on who should be the starting QB for UGA. Those questions won’t be answered this week, as whoever is backup gets to play the entire second half due to the large score disparity. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 52, Mizzou 14

Tennessee at Kentucky – This game between states that share a border can be nasty at times, although it’s really the second rivalry for both of them. There should be some leftover anger for the home team after getting whupped in Starkville. Briars 27, Rocky Bottom 20

Liberty at Misipi – The Hugh Freeze Revenge Game! He leads his team into Oxford, where he was run out of town for shady recruiting, and proceeds to tell the home team… Wow, y’all got a real good offense here. Misipi 44, Liberty 28

Florida at South Carolina – SC is showing signs of life. Dan Mullen is being questioned. Upset? Close, but not quite. Lizards 26, Fightin’ Chickens 19

Auburn at Texas A&M – Given how average 2020 was – not to mention the near-catastrophe against Georgia State – it’s safe to say that Bryan Harsin has exceeded expectations so far. Nix actually looks like a good QB again. However, I’m not sure there’s enough on defense to slow this bunch down. A&M 30, war eagle 23

Rice at Charlotte – I’m 5-3 predicting my school’s games so far. This is one I’ve always looked at as a win, ever since the schedule came out. Then Rice whipped my brother’s UAB squad in UAB’s new yard. Then they lost to an awful North Texas team, and CBS Sports has Rice firmly in their Bottom 25. It’s also homecoming week. As frightened as I am to do it, I’m going to predict my guys are going to win a game they are supposed to win. 49ers 31, Owls 28

Last week’s record: 3-2

Season: 65-21

BYE: Vanderbilt

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