We haven’t had many surprised in the SEC – just SC over UGA and the level of Vandy’s ineptitude being higher than anyone thought. Over in the Big 14, Illinois beat Wisconsin, in the first meaningful win for that school since the 20th century. Let’s see if we have anything that juicy on the horizon in the SEC.

Ar-Kansas at ‘Bama – Remember when SMU got the death penalty and when they came back, the had to play Houston and lost about 400-7? This game might bring back some of those memories. The Evil Empire 59, Piglets 7 

Misipi St at Texas A&M – Two teams that we really aren’t sure who they are. Edge to the home team. A&M 28, Jerry Clower U 23 

South Carolina at Tennessee – Looks like SC is moving closer to the top of the SEC East. Still a little ways to go, but they’ll enjoy a game like this as evidence they’re not on the bottom anymore. Fightin’ Chickens 33, Rocky Bottom 13   

Missouri at Kentucky – After unthinkably dropping a game to Vandy, Bryant & Crew get back on track. Mizzou 27, Briars 20 Auburn at LSU – My favorite SEC team is better than predicted, but so is LSU. I’d love to pick an upset, but I just can’t do it. LSU 31, war eagle 17   

North Texas at Charlotte – NTU isn’t nearly as good as advertised. Problem is, neither are we, especially on defense. No chance for us. And after the panthers lose tomorrow in Santa Clara, East Russia, the lost weekend will be complete. North Texas 38, 49ers 10   

Last week’s record: 7-1

Season: 64-14