Last week was a bad week to pick all the games right, as it included a prediction of an Auburn loss. Such is life. This week in the SEC, we find that there actually is a team with a worse non-conference schedule than Florida, another alleged guru is showing that he was more of a product of his roster than his brainpower, and Nick Saban still has no sense of humor. On to the predictions.

‘Bama at Texas A&M – Finally, Satan’s demons have to play a genuine college football team. Unfortunately for fans like me, it’s a genuine college football team with a lot of holes on defense. The Evil Empire 41, A&M 24 

South Carolina at Georgia – I feel bad for my buddy that is an SC grad. He’s gonna need several beers to choke this game down. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 38, Fightin’ Chickens 17 

Misipi State at Tennessee – The Vols are a complete train wreck with no idea who to play at QB. It appears the coach is more a lucky guy who had a gazillion 5-star defenders to plug into holes than an authentic genius when he was in Tuscaloosa. Jerry Clower U 30, Rocky Bottom 17   

UNLV at Vanderbilt – I’ll give Vandy credit for doing everything they can to prop up their coach’s record with lame non-conference games. Good luck with that, Derek. Vandy 23, UNLV 7

Misipi at Missouri – Speaking of train wrecks, the assistant who did OK and got everybody all sentimental so they hired him for the permanent job is not doing so well. Mizzou seems to have established a pattern of good offense, regardless of who’s playing. Mizzou 27, Misipi 7 

Ar-Kansas at Kentucky – A couple of under-achievers battle for who will extend their delusion of being a real football team. Edge to the home team. Briars 24, Piglets 14    

Florida at LSU – Biggest October game in the SEC in years. The winner almost assuredly gets to the CFP if they only lose to ‘Bama. Each has a stiff test otherwise (Auburn for LSU, UGA for Florida), but these two have taken down all comers to this point. It comes down to whether LSU can make enough plays against the nobody-ever-thought-a-Dan-Mullen-team-could-have-a-defense-this-good defense. I’m not sure they can. Lizards 23, LSU 21 

BYE WEEK at Auburn – Gus really thinks they should have won at Florida. I’m not so sure. Fortunately, they have a chance to rest and have a glorified FCS opponent next week. WAR EAGLE 0, BYE WEEK 0

Charlotte at Florida International – If my school is going bowling, this is probably a must-win game. We have 2 games against truly awful teams (UTEP, ODU) remaining, and a few teams no one knows about (WKY, Marshall, MTSU). FIU destroyed UMass last week, so we have to catch them napping. These teams have established a pattern of track meets and 1-score outcomes, and FIU wins. We REALLY need that part to change, but… FIU 31, 49ers 30 

Last week’s record: 5-0

Season: 53-9