OK, that was funny. I got every SEC game right last week, including predicting the Lizards to pitch a shutout. Almost got the Vandy score exactly right. And got caught drinking green Kool-Aid on my school, which got torched by the overrated FAU Kiffins. Dang it! Well, let’s see how we do this week.

BYE WEEK at ‘Bama – For those unfamiliar with my ridiculousness, I even throw out insanity when my focus teams (‘Bama, Auburn and Charlotte) have the week off. I wonder what it’s like for Saban on bye weeks. I bet it’s just like regular weeks – him walking around, paranoid, with his hair clinched, certain there is some flaw he’s overlooking. It amazes me that people will run through a wall for this guy. The Evil Empire 0, BYE WEEK 0

Utah State at LSU – Utah School #3 needed a new coach, so they recycled the coach they had before last year’s coach. Good ol’ days and nostalgia and whatnot. It’s worked so far, as they’re 3-1. But LSU is favored by 27.5 with an over/under of 73. So Vegas thinks they’re going to win 51-23. I think that’s being kind. LSU 55, USU 17 

Troy at Missouri – Looks like the former Clempson QB has found his game again. He gets to have an easy target practice this week. Mizzou 42, Troy 17 

Georgia at Tennessee – Things are still in total disarray in Knoxville, which makes their win over Auburn last year even more baffling. This game won’t help them any. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 34, Rocky Bottom 7 

Vanderbilt at Misipi – A rare feat – an SEC Who Cares Game of the Week. These don’t usually happen within the conference, just in the paycheck games. Misipi 21, Vandy 17 

Auburn at Florida – Auburn actually ran offense last week. This week they get a tough UF defense. Somehow I think the freshman QB will make at least 1 critical mistake, and my UF fan nephew will get to harass me for the rest of the year. Lizards 23, war eagle 20 

BYE WEEK at Charlotte – Perfect timing here. We get a week to digest the 2 butt-whippings, hopefully get some of our defensive players off the injury report, and prepare for an FIU team that will really be feeling itself after they beat UMass by 40 this week. 49ers 0, BYE WEEK 0

Last week’s record: 6-1

Season: 48-9