Conference games are ramping up and most of the paycheck games are winding down. A couple of juicy matchups in the SEC this week, as well as a chance for my school to see how far they have come under this new coaching staff. Let’s dive in.

Southern Miss at ‘Bama – The poor elephants continue to be persecuted with noon kickoff times. Schedule a real opponent and we’ll talk. The Evil Empire 49, USM 10 

Cal at Misipi – The Pac 12 gets to make up for that bad ending in week 1 in the prime time game. Cal 23, Misipi 17 

Kentucky at Misipi State – UK is still decent, but definitely a step back from last year. Jerry Clower U 24, Briars 17 

LSU at Vanderbilt – NOT one of the juicy matchups. LSU 44, Vandy 10 

Notre Dame at Georgia – Probably the game of the day nationally. We’ll see how good ND is. Not sure if they’ve seen a defense like this. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 27, Irish 21 

San Jose State at Ar-Kansas – Boring on an epic scale. Pigs 27, SJSU 7 

South Carolina at Missouri – Two teams we still don’t know everything about. Going with the home team here. Mizzou 23, Fightin’ Chickens 20 

Tennessee at Florida – Remember when Tennessee had a good football team? Neither do I, and we won’t see one in this game. Lizards 33, Rocky Bottom 6 

Auburn at Texas A&M – One of my favorite quotes from M*A*S*H was when Col. Potter worried about what Hawkeye 3was up to. “Why do I have a queasy feeling in my gizzard?” That applies here, as I wonder if Bo Nix has figured this college thingy out enough to put up enough points. A&M 30, war eagle 21 

Charlotte at Clempson – My school is pocketing a cool $1 million for this trip. I hope we are still within shouting distance at the end of the first quarter and that we don’t give up a basketball score. I think we’ll score some points in the 4th quarter when the home team puts the water boys in. I think we’ll come out in good enough shape that the prognosticators will take us more seriously as a bowl team. Clempson 59, 49ers 27 

Last week’s record: 11-1

Season: 34-6