We’re starting to get a feel for what teams are all about. In the SEC, it appears to be business as usual: ‘Bama is the best team in the universe, UGA is only slightly behind, there’s a second tier (Misipi, Florida, Auburn, Texas A&M) that will probably be in major bowls, a third tier (Misipi St, Kentucky, Ar-Kansas, LSU) that will get into a bowl, a group no one has any bloody idea who they are (Tennessee, Mizzou), as well as a bottom tier that is so awful we might be tempted to call them flushable (Vandy, South Carolina). The only real difference from recent years is SC has fallen hard as they break in a new coaching staff, and Misipi has moved from the “they’ll make a bowl” to the second tier. Let’s see what we can say about this week’s games.

‘Bama at Florida – If only this were still the Urban Meyer era, I might have a chance at some satisfaction. But then again, maybe it will be the Urban Meyer era 2.0 if his NFL gig keeps going like it is. The Evil Empire 41, Lizards 23

Georgia Southern at Ar-Kansas – Looks like Pig Suey is going to be back to contention a lot sooner than some people thought. Or adding Texas to the SEC is a sinister plot to add a cupcake game to the schedule. Pigs 49, GSU 10

South Carolina at Georgia – It’s already looking like it will be ‘Bama vs UGA for the conference title again. But this UGA defense could make it an epic matchup. For now, they’ll continue to get the 4th-string guys some playing time. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 38, Fightin’ Chickens 10

Chattanooga at Kentucky – I don’t know how good they are, but Kentucky is quite entertaining. Great offense. Briars 56, Chattanooga 13

Central Michigan at LSU – LSU gets one more freebie before they face a legit opponent to see if the UCLA game is the exception or the rule. LSU 37, CMU 17

Tulane at Misipi – Lane Kiffin may have no soul, and he may be one of the most flushable people in the universe, but he can certainly recruit. Not sure the road team gets as close as they did in Oklahoma. Misipi 44, TEW-lane 23

Misipi St at Memphis – The Florida State coach probably wishes he was still in Memphis these days. Not that the results would be any better in games like this. Jerry Clower U 28, Memphis 9

Southeast Missouri St at Missouri – See Chattanooga at Kentucky above. (In other words, it was a fun game to watch.) Mizzou 38, SEMU 10

Tennessee Tech at Tennessee – This is one of those programs that thinks it should be in the college football playoff every year, even though they’ve only been that good for maybe 3 of the last 40 years. This one’s a gimmie though. Rocky Bottom 40, TTU 7

New Mexico at Texas A&M – A&M hasn’t looked especially sharp, but they’re winning. Next week’s battle with the improved Hogs should tell us more. They might not be focused at the start of this game, but they’ll quickly correct. A&M 41, NMU 17

Stanford at Vanderbilt – Surely Vandy can get some good news before they get shut out and amass 10 yards of total offense in Athens next week…. right? Vandy 13, Stanford 10  

Auburn at Penn State – Auburn looked downright awful in the first quarter last week. These games against peer programs haven’t gone well for them in recent years. Although there is plenty of talent, I don’t think there’s enough to reverse the trend yet. Penn State 23, Auburn 14

Charlotte at Georgia State – This is the third game between these two, including Charlotte’s first FBS game in 2015. The road team won both of those meetings. I watched GSU’s opener against Army, and they were gawd-awful. CBS Sports has GSU in the bottom 25. My team needs to be better than it was in the second half last week. I think there’s enough to get a win. 49ers 27, GSU 17

Last week’s record: 12-2

Season: 23-6