Now that we’ve had a few days to let all the massive overreaction to week 1 to subside, we can make a few observations. The conferences with divisions are very unbalanced – Georgia is the only team in the SEC East that would finish any higher than 5th in the SEC West, only Wisconsin in the Big 14 West would be any better than 4th in the East, and no one in the Pac 12 South is any better than being the road team in the Independence Bowl. And of course, no one in the Little 10 plays defense, but we’re used to that. On to week 2!

New Mexico State at ‘Bama – As easy as week 1 was for the Tide, week 2 is even easier. The Evil Empire 55, NMSU 0

Ar-Kansas at Misipi – This one will manage to be even more boring than the ‘Bama game. Pigs 17, Misipi 13

BYU at Tennessee – How do you recover from losing your home opener to a team that was an FCS team a few minutes ago? You welcome a team that kinda used to be good a few decades ago. Rocky Bottom 27, Mormons 17

Charleston Southern at South Carolina – When you lose a game you were supposed to win, as well as your QB, some will panic. But then they realize an FCS team is coming in week 2. Fightin’ Chickens 27, CSU 9

Eastern Michigan at Kentucky – UK has had a good run the last couple of years, but the last 2 have been rotten on the recruiting trail. It’s starting to show. But they’re still better than every team in the MAC. Briars 23, EMU 17

LSU at Texas – Very juicy matchup. Both teams are good, but I still believe in the inherent superiority of the SEC. LSU 26, Texas 23

Murray State at Georgia – Another team that has it even easier in week 2 than their blowout in week 1. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 44, Murray State 3

Southern Miss at Misipi State – It’s a paycheck day for one of the other schools in Misipi. The one giving the paycheck is still figuring out what to do with itself, but will be fine. Jerry Clower U 34, Sothern Miss 17

UT-Martin at Florida – Ah, now this is the pathetic non-conference scheduling we’ve come to know from Florida since the Spurrier Era. Lizards 56, UTM 3

Vanderbilt at Purdue – The Purdue coach, a Louisville grad, turned the job down to stay at Purdue. Better not lose games like this or you’ll regret it. Purdue 21, Vandy 10

West Virginia at Missouri – WVU has a new coach for the first time in forever, Mizzou lost to Wyoming with the Clempson reject at QB. Who blinks? I’m going with the road team to blink. Mizzou 27, WVU 23

Texas A&M at Clemson – The juiciest matchup this week. Last year was a close one. I think this one will be too, with the same result. Clempson 34, A&M 27

Tulane at Auburn – Bo Nix gets a week to get better acclimated to the college game. WAR EAGLE 33, TOO-lane 13

Charlotte at Appalachian State – There is talk of this being a regularly-occurring game. Fine by me, as long as this wonder-boy coach gets us anywhere near the Mountaineers level. App State 38, 49ers 17

Last week’s record: 11-3

Season: 11-3