Time for all the real games. Happy Thanksgiving!

Misipi at Misipi State (Thur) – Egg Bowl time. I’m not sure this cheerleader Misipi hired can coach well enough to beat the other minds in the conference, even if he can recruit. Jerry Clower U 27, Misipi 24 

Missouri at Ar-Kansas (Fri) – I’m starting to believe the Hogs are never going to be nationally relevant again, kinda like Miami appears to be never heading back to national relevance. They’re capable of scoring points, but that’s about it. Mizzou 33, Piglets 21 

Georgia at Georgia Tech – People love to claim, “throw out the records when these arch-rivals collide!” Maybe, but when the talent level is this far apart, I’m not willing to throw anything out. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 44, Insects 7 

Clempson at South Carolina – Muschamp is going to get more time at SC, and he needs it to catch up with the other SC guy. Clempson 37, Fightin’ Chickens 10 

Louisville at Kentucky – Stoops says he doesn’t want Florida State job, but to stay in Kentucky. Like anyone in the state of Florida wants him to do otherwise. Lou-EE-vull 27, Briars 17 

Vanderbilt at Tennessee – Just as I suspect Vandy will keep their coach because they destroyed a weak opponent last week, I think the UT brass will cite this game and obscure bowl appearance to keep their coach. Go ahead, says the rest of the SEC. Rocky Medium 33, Vandy 17 

Texas A&M at LSU – Did ya hear Coach Gumbo trash the Piglets after last week’s game? He said, “Well, they haven’t beaten anyone in a long time; you’re supposed to beat Arkansas, so that doesn’t mean a lot. We’re on to Texas A&M.” Ouch! True, but ouch! LSU 34, A&M 20 

Florida State at Florida – Remember when this was a competitive game? Neither do I, and it won’t be this time. Lizards 38, FSU 7 

‘Bama at Auburn – The all-world QB is out. But when ‘Bama loses a 5-star player, they just plug in another 5-star. Auburn used to be like that, but they have all 4-stars. The 5-star usually beats the 4-star, even if the 5-star is a backup. I have no reason to believe that will change, nor the pattern that Auburn will come up short against an elite team. I think I’m going to throw up. The Evil Empire 27, war eagle 21 

Charlotte at Old Dominion – I’ve rarely been so happy to be wrong. I incorrectly predicted a loss to Marshall last week, and I incorrectly criticized AD Mike Hill for giving up on Brad Lambert after we climbed to 5-7 last year. Will Healy is the real deal. We’re bowl-eligible, and will remove all doubt by whipping a terrible ODU squad to get to 7 wins. My apologies, Mr. Hill. 49ers 42, ODU 14

Last week’s record: 8-1

Season: 93-21