Maybe it’s better that I went to a school that is, for all intents and purposes, Division II. The official divisions are DI-FBS, DI-FCS, DII, and DIII. In reality, the power 5 conferences are Division I, where my brother and my schools are is Division II, where Howard, Alabama A&M and the like are is Division III, then the two on the bottom are Division IV and V. In that top tier, it’s expensive and more cutthroat than ever. Willie Taggart got canned halfway into season 2 by Florida State, and this week, Chad Morris got booted late in season 2 at Ar-Kansas, after getting destroyed by Western Kentucky, led by a former Ar-Kansas QB. Any other in-season axes to fall after this week’s games?

‘Bama at Misipi State – With a healthy QB, ‘Bama is elite. The QB was not fully healthy last week. He gets to rest in the 4th quarter this week. The Evil Empire 44, Jerry Clower U 13 

Florida at Missouri – Mizzou is fun to watch, but they’re not as good as they were last year. Look for them to get rolled. Lizards 28, Mizzou 7 

Kentucky at Vanderbilt – Only the players’ parents could possibly be interested in this clunker. Well, maybe the coaches’ families too. Briars 13, Vandy 10 

LSU at Misipi – Now we know who the top dogs are. Coach Gumbo Mud Accent gets to go after his old school. They’re WAY more talented, but it will still be a track meet. LSU 47, Misipi 30 

South Carolina at Texas A&M – SC has a decent team, but right now, half of it is on the shelf with injuries. Probably too thin to take these guys down. A&M 31, Fightin’ Chickens 17 

Georgia at Auburn – It’s been a fairly successful year with the true freshman QB. So far, though, he’s pulled an 0-fer against elite teams. I suspect this will continue. Next year, he’ll have the experience of this year, plus UGA is in October, spreading the elite games out a bit. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 23, war eagle 10

BYE WEEK at Charlotte – At 2-5, some us 49ers thought the coaching change was a mistake. After consecutive wins over 2 under-achievers and a cream puff, plus 1 more cream puff on the schedule, there’s a great chance we can go bowling. The cream puff was in Texas. So the very young head coach decides to roll out of Texas looking the part. None of us think the coaching change is a mistake anymore. 49ers 0, BYE WEEK 0

Last week’s record: 6-2

Season: 79-20