A check of the CBS Sports 130 ranking of all 130 FBS teams shows these rankings for the SEC: LSU (2), ‘Bama (3), UGA (6), Florida (10), Auburn (12), Texas A&M (33), Mizzou (52), Kentucky (57), South Carolina (61), Tennessee (62), Misipi St (70), Misipi (82), Vanderbilt (108), Ar-Kansas (117). A very big chasm between the 5th– and 6th-best teams.

For contrast, let’s look at Conference USA, home to my school, the Charlotte 49ers: Louisiana Tech (31), FAU (45), Marshall (50), UAB (58), Southern Miss (69), Western Kentucky (81), Charlotte (98), North Texas (103), FIU (106), Middle Tennessee (107), UTSA (119), Rice (125), Old Dominion (126), UTEP (128). Yikes! What does that tell me? I wish we played Ar-Kansas instead of Clempson. That way we would have made it to 7 wins, assuming we get thumped by Marshall next week.

On to the games for this week.

LSU at ‘Bama – Gigantic matchup, as it is just about every year. Also occurring every year, at least since 2011: LSU comes up short. As long as Tua is walking on two legs, there’s no reason to expect a change. The Evil Empire 28, LSU 27 

Western Kentucky at Ar-Kansas – You would think that any matchup of C-USA vs SEC would be an easy win for the SEC. But this is #81 vs #117. I’m going with 81. WKU 26, Piglets 21 

Vanderbilt at Florida – Now this looks more like an SEC vs C-USA matchup. Lizards 33, Vandy 3 

New Mexico State at Misipi – Although it looks like C-USA inhabits the entire bottom 10, here’s an interloper that claims one of the spots, and pretty regularly. A chance for the Rebels to feel good about themselves. Misipi 45, NMSU 10 

Missouri at Georgia – While Auburn gets a bye to get ready for the UGA game, UGA almost gets one, as they will be able to pull starters early so they won’t get too taxed ahead of the Auburn game. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 37, Mizzou 13 

Appalachian State at South Carolina – Yikes, what a blown opportunity by ASU last week. And in the latest bowl projections, they have dropped from the Cotton Bowl to the New Orleans Bowl. That should have them plenty angry. Not sure it’s enough to take down a decent SEC team in their house. Fightin’ Chickens 27, Mountaineers 20 

Tennessee at Kentucky – Things keep breaking like this and those puke orange people are going to believe they have a real football team (they don’t). Games like this build the fantasy higher. Rocky Medium 31, Briars 17 

BYE WEEK at Auburn – With UGA looming next week, it’s a good thing there is an extra week to figure out why they didn’t drop 50 on a crummy Misipi team. Nix had better step up his game. BY WEEK 0, WAR EAGLE 0

Charlotte at UTEP – We’ve beaten North Texas, Middle Tennessee, UMass (#129), and Gardner-Webb (FCS). So yeah, all the meat on our bones is from eating up rotten teams. When you’re in your 7th season of existence, ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. Our last game is at Old Dominion. Win that, along with this one, and we’re going bowling. Our coach eats caffeine pellets for breakfast and the team relentlessly follows. One step closer to a bowl game. 49ers 44, UTEP 17 

Last week’s record: 6-1

Season: 73-18