This week in Southern Fried College Football, Auburn’s backup QB is transferring, LSU is getting more #1 votes, Tennessee is suddenly alive again, and Nick Saban still has absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever. As for the games…

Texas-San Antonio at Texas A&M – Also-ran gets a paycheck for the pleasure of getting drilled. A&M 49, UTSA 3 

Georgia “at” Florida – The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in Jacksonville should be epic, with UF seeking to get into the playoff while UGA tries to further distance itself from the inexplicable loss to SC. Not sure they can. Lizards 31, Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 28 

Misipi St at Ar-Kansas – Bulldogs get a chance to practice against a rotten team. Jerry Clower U 37, Piglets 13  

UAB at Tennessee – I REALLY want to pick my brother’s school here. If they played 2 weeks ago, I would. But I think the Vols are at least back to being a passible SEC team again. Rocky Medium 33, Blazers 21 

Vanderbilt at South Carolina – I do not have similar feelings about the other team on I-40. Fightin’ Chickens 31, Vandy 23 

Misipi at Auburn – Gus will now be praying for Nix a lot, as there is now no real QB behind him. The running backs who will serve as backup QBs will get some practice in the 4th quarter this week. WAR EAGLE 55, Misipi 10 

Middle Tennessee at Charlotte – My guys are suddenly back in the hunt for a bowl game. With 2 games left against glorified FCS teams (Old Dominion, UTEP) that we should win easily, we are left with this game and Marshall where 1 is a must-win. This seemed like the better option until they dropped 50 on FIU last week. We can do it if we only play defense for just a little bit. I’m predicting a carbon copy of last week, only with even less defense. 49ers 45, MTSU 42 

BYE WEEK at ‘Bama – Some boosters consider asking the CIA and the FBI to locate Saban’s sense of humor. However, the agents inform the boosters that if they don’t swear an oath and sign an affidavit with their blood that they will vote against Trump in the election, their efforts to track down the missing humor will be leaked to CNN and MSNBC as “Russians Try To Inject Poison Into Saban.” The Evil Empire 0, BYE WEEK 0

Last week’s record: 3-3

Season: 67-17