The “Fire” Department has been busy. Matt Luke joins Barry Odom and Chad Morris on the hunt for new coaching gigs. One has to wonder if Derek Mason will join them (he should). If he does, that will make the 2020 season the first, second or third year on the job for 8 of the 14 head coaches. Gus Malzahn just earned another year with an Iron Bowl win. Now let’s predict the conference championship games.

Utah vs Oregon (Pac 12) – Will a school called the Utes actually make the CFP? Strangely enough, I think they will. Utes 23, Ducks 21 

Cincinnati at Memphis (AAC) – Word is that both of these coaches are going to get Power Five school jobs. Should make a great swan song if it’s true. Bearcats 30, Tigers 27   

Hawaii at Boise State (Mountain West) – Blue field advantage carries the day. BSU 27, Rainbows 20 

Miami (OH) vs Central Michigan (MAC) – Who knows who either of these teams are? I know Miami is a school somewhere between Cincinnati and Dayton. Both schools have weird team names. Other than that, nothing. So just a guess. The Other Miami 24, CMU 21 

Louisiana at Appalachian State (Sun Belt) – The only bigger mismatch in football than this is Clempson vs Whoever Else In The ACC. This one will be over in a hurry, and will leave this group of Mountaineers wondering what in the Sam Hill happened in the Georgia Southern game. Mountaineers 40, UL 21 

UAB at Florida Atlantic (C-USA) – with my school securing a bowl bid but still in the middle of the conference, I’m all-in for my brother’s school to win the conference title. Going forward with the heart pick. Blazers 26, Owls 24

Wisconsin vs Ohio State (Big 14) – You may not realize this, but there once was a time when Ohio State never beat Michigan. That was also when OSU had to more than put their cleats on the right feet to win. Not so much these days. Fightin’ Nuts 45, Badgers 17 

Baylor vs Oklahoma (Little 10) – Baylor gagged in the first meeting. It won’t be that close the second time. Sooners 42, Baylor 23 

Virginia vs Clempson (ACC) – Oh wow. This will be very ugly, very fast, and for a very long time. Clempson 56, Wahoo 10 

LSU vs Georgia (SEC) – Does UGA finally win the conference without ‘Bama there to block them? No, now another team keeps them runners-up. LSU 31, Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 20   

Last week’s record: 8-2

Season: 101-23