I had my annual physical today. Shortly afterward, I found a business application. Let me walk you through it.

(DISCLAIMER: I do not intend for this to be another one of those “men’s physicals are worse than women’s physicals” rants. Both genders have unpleasant things to endure during this ritual. Neither is better or worse, they’re just different. So try not to get caught up in that debate.)

Now, where was I?…. For guys over 40, the annual physical includes the good ol’ prostate check. Comedian Bill Engvall (of “here’s your sign” fame) described this better than anyone ever has. “He violated me! At the end of the physical, he asked if I had any questions. I said, ‘Will you call me?’” That sums it up quite nicely. So as that part of today’s exam arrived, I just tried to make the best of it. Right in the middle of it, doc decides to chat with me. He says, “OK, your prostate is small.” I’m thinking, “Yeah, but your index finger isn’t!” “That’s a good thing,” he reassures me. Of course, the REAL fun happens next year, when I will be 50. Go look up “Bill Engvall Colonoscopy” on YouTube or Amazon Music and you’ll know what I mean, if you don’t already. I did get an unusual bonus this year – the tetanus shot. The nurse gave me that shot at the end of the appointment. “Wow, you didn’t even flinch,” she remarks, amazed. “I just had my prostate exam, honey,” I said. “I barely even felt that needle go in.”

With the yearly frivolities in the rear-view mirror, I headed home, and thought of an excellent business application. Your business needs a regular checkup as well. It should likely be more frequent than annually – quarterly seems to be a good place. You examine your revenue, expenses, marketing strategies, all the things that make the engine that is your business run efficiently. If you see gaps, you can address them. If you find very big gaps, it might cause some pain to fill them. That’s the unpleasant part of the exam. If you can ensure everything is aligned, your business runs well, you meet your objectives, and most important of all, you are happy.

If you find a gap that can be filled by moving some of your administrative tasks so you have more time to grow your business, that’s where a Virtual Assistant comes in. Contact Us and let’s see how we can give your business a boost.