I wrote at the beginning of the month about my goal-setting pattern, which begins with my birthday on February 22, rather than January 1. I had to make one exception to that this year – joining a gym. You see, Planet Fitness is running this special, “join for 20 cents down to start getting fit in 2020.”

The Long-Overdue Step Forward

This sale won’t last until my birthday, so I went ahead and signed up last week.

(And as a side note, I’ll get to use one of the greatest benefits of being a Virtual Assistant – time flexibility. Most people go to the gym before work, at lunch, or after work. So it’s crowded. When you’re a VA, you can go at 10 AM or 2:30 PM and have the run of the place. Gotta love it!)

Upon joining, you get an email with a link to a “Welcome to PF” document. They list some benefits of regular exercise, including this gem: “Studies show that exercising regularly has a positive impact on memory and cognitive function.”

The jokes write themselves.

  • “Sounds great, as long as I can remember to exercise.”
  • “Does the study say I have to remember a specific routine?”
  • “I’m not fat, I have a bad memory and never remember to exercise.”

OK, I’ll move on from the corny stuff. This place has many different machines that have a wide variety of target areas. They also have classes you can sign up for in order to get a specific kind of workout. This week, I’m attending a “design your own program” class that will custom-build a routine based on my goals. And those goals are to get rid of my remaining belly fat, as well as strengthen my arms, shoulders and back to make the lifting of Netta a little easier on both of us.

The Vision

A necessary tool to reaching a goal is being able to see the results of the goal being met. When it comes to getting to a good weight, I have some tools that will help. I have pictures of what I looked like before my weight loss surgery, when I was about 70 pounds heavier than I am now. I also have a couple of pictures when I got to 90 pounds lost, before I hit the skids and put 20 pounds back on, where I am at the moment. So I can put those pictures in a timeline – or in a blog post.

June 2017

July 2018










I can see what real weight loss looks like on me. That makes it much easier to paint the picture of me at an ideal weight. This was much different pre-surgery. I didn’t have those pics then.

We’ll see what is in place after the class on Tuesday afternoon, but I’m pretty excited about the prospects. My age-50 year will finally be the year I am at an appropriate weight, and have the strength needed to tackle life and all its physical demands.