Welcome to Day 53 of 2020. It is 52 days after the day our culture demands that you set goals for the coming year. As I have written in the past, I usually wait until my birthday to set my goals. My birthday is early in the year, and I seek out ways to be more contrarian than normal. I believe you can succeed outside of the silly “You Must Make NY Resolutions” narrative.

It’s a special birthday this year, #50. My younger brother has already harassed me for becoming ancient. People who have passed this particular milestone have rolled their eyes at me. I have mixed feelings. Every day is a blessing, but I feel I’m behind on what I want to accomplish in life. The best cure for that is to do great things going forward. With that in mind, here are my 2020 goals.


Lose 52-70 pounds. That’s between 1.0-1.5 pounds per week. I had lost 90 pounds after my weight loss surgery in 2017, but I regained 20 of them. This leaves me with 70 pounds to lose to reach my goal weight. That’s where the higher number in the range comes from. To take it higher, I joined Planet Fitness right after New Year’s. My goal was to go twice a week. So far, I’ve only missed 2 sessions. The location nearest to me is rarely crowded, even with the “My resolution is to lose 300 pounds this year” people, who have usually disappeared from gyms the world over by February 22. 

Of course, losing weight is more about nutrition than exercise. I am considering the keto diet for that. Keto is really just a more formalized version of what bariatric surgery patients are instructed to do – go for max protein and minimum carbohydrates. Keto ramps up the consumption of healthy fats. The idea is to train your body to burn fat for energy. Normally, the body scours the digestive system looking for sugar to burn. But burning fat will greatly assist in weight loss. I’m still researching this and haven’t made a decision.


I have a specific revenue goal for my business, which I will not publish for the world to see. When I post updates throughout the year on how I’m doing on my goals, I’ll include a percentage of this goal. I’m just beginning my third year of being in business for myself, so things are still changing fairly rapidly. Year one was an unmitigated disaster. Year two was better, but still not where it needed to be. Hopefully, year three will be a success. I still offer general Virtual Assistant services but have been spending more time recently on content writing. I believe I will see the most success going down this path.

That’s it for the big year-long goals. Those are big enough. As the year progresses, I know there will be smaller things I decide I need to accomplish, and I’ll add those to a short-term goal list.

What about you? If you set goals 7 weeks ago, how are you doing? Feel free to share in the comments.