Today we wrap up our Money Mindset series with a topic we’ve discussed before.

Hopefully, your business is growing at a rate that it’s becoming more difficult to keep up with every part that needs attention. It may be time to increase the population of your operation. But how do you go about hiring someone? Here are some things to keep in mind. 

What Do You Want?

You must first define the position and its responsibilities. For example, a Virtual Assistant can manage your inbox and send out your email newsletter on a defined schedule. A Graphic Designer updates your website graphics, eBook graphics, etc. A Webmaster is your technical guru in all things related to how your website runs and fixes any technical glitches or server issues.

Be very specific about what you want and need, then start looking for candidates.

Referrals and References

Ask some of your business acquaintances if they have referrals. Start making a list and do some preliminary research by checking their websites and reading testimonials. A business website is not likely to include negative reviews, so keep that in mind when you choose candidates to interview. Always ask for references and make a point of reaching out to those people. This is YOUR business, and you are entrusting it to this unknown entity. You want only the most trustworthy people on your team.

Set Up the Interview Process

First, you need to publicize your opening. Then you need to wait for job proposals to come in. Next, you need to interview your ideal candidates. Lastly, decide and make an offer. How quickly you proceed through this process is up to you. Allow enough time to speak with each of your candidates, especially if everything on their website looks perfect and ideal. Sometimes you need to speak with someone to get a feel for how they operate and how they conduct themselves professionally.

If you plan on publicizing your opening far and wide, whittle down your candidate list by giving them specific directions to follow when submitting their proposal or resume. Those who can’t follow simple directions will knock themselves out of the running.

Set Up a Simple Task to Complete

If you’re having a tough time deciding between candidates or if you want to simply test their skills, give them a small task to complete. Evaluate if they followed your directions; were any mistakes made; did they meet your deadline; is there anything you would have changed about any of these submissions. Go one step further and give them feedback along with a change in the project to see how they handle receiving constructive criticism.


That was in all-caps for a reason – it’s the most crucial step in hiring someone to work in your business. The contract needs to include a start date and what tasks they will handle. Write out your expectations of the new team member as well as “make or break” items that will lead to voiding the contract. With a contract, there is no guesswork involved.

Keep in mind that everyone is human. You may go through a thorough process and still end up with a candidate that turns out to not be a good fit. If things go completely sideways and one of you feels legal action is needed, the contract will be the most important evidence in bringing about a resolution.