Regular readers here will know I always manage to find a way to end my posts with a commercial for my Virtual Assistant business. I started in March 2018 as a general VA. Lately I’m focusing more on writing. What led me to that focus? It was a combination of things. For one, I enjoy it. I’ve been blogging in one form or another for about 3 years. For a while, I wrote about sports. Then I started throwing in some political commentary, and some business stuff. Once I launched my business, I tried to focus more on business topics. I will still wander into other pools now and then. (There will be about 4 sports posts per week during football season – consider yourself warned.) Another factor is that I know I have some impact. While I was still an admin at Duke Energy a few years back, a colleague saw my comment on an article on the company intranet and sent me an email. “I saw that last comment you made. I hope you are planning to do some work as a writer at some point; you’re quite good at it.” Then, I actually started earning a little money from it. I connected with someone on and do regular writing projects for him. Today I’m going to give you some reasons why a content writer is a good hire for your business.

But first, a definition. A content writer can be defined as someone who can create newsletters, website articles, blog posts, sales copy, social media posts, e-books, podcasts, and text for graphics. Such a person can do wonders for your business. Let’s look at 5 ways a content writer can be of benefit to you.

Save Time – A really good content writer will do all the writing you need, which can often take 15-20 hours a week, time you will have available for selling, making connections, or building your team if your business is going really well.

A Sound Investment – there will be no sugar-coating here. A really good content writer is going to cost you. True, you could go to Upwork, or Craigslist and find someone who will write a 1,000-word website article for $50.00. But chances are you will get someone who is inexperienced, struggles with English, and may not follow instructions. You may then lose a few hundred dollars of time revising the work. But if you pay $1,000 a week for content writing you never have to revise, and in that 15-20 hours you save you turn around and bring in $1,500-$2,000 or more in revenue, you have a robust ROI and everyone comes out ahead.

Increased Traffic – Good writers will provide content that people will want to read and share. They can help increase readership on your site or blog, and increase engagement with your social media followers. The really good ones don’t just put up “click-bait” but can create great teasers that genuinely pique readers’ interest.

New Perspective – If you seek out a content writer individually or connect with one through posting a job, that will prompt the writer to do some research. The good ones will research your business and your industry, even if they are already familiar with them. This research may give the writer some ideas for how you can improve. You may have developed “tunnel vision” and may have missed some changes in direction in your field of expertise.

Efficiency – A business excels when the best people are taking care of each aspect of the business. Have Steve Jobs and Tim Kirk been writing everything you see on Apple’s website? Of course not. Putting out a good newsletter, emails, blog posts and articles are what content writers do best. If these things aren’t what you do best, you’re better off bringing in a content writer that will drive up your visibility while you do what you are best at doing.

Professionalism – In this age of tweets and Facebook and Instagram posts, proper spelling, grammar and punctuation have taken a beating. If you have great topics to write about but struggle with typing them, the host of errors will erode the image of your professionalism. A great content writer will never allow a sentence like “Here in the Carolina’s, people often panic when there told its gonna snow” to see the light of day.

A Virtual Assistant can be that writer that give you time so you can deliver even more outstanding results to your customers and clients. Contact us to see how we can partner to make great things happen for your business.