Those of us who love college football have a big letdown every year. Teams play 12 games in 13 weeks. That is a total of 3 months. Yes, conference title and bowl games cover another 5 weeks or so, but week 13 is the last week of a full schedule of games. Then, after the national title game is played, we have well over 7 months to wait for the next game. It makes the 3-month regular season fly by as if it only takes 15 minutes to complete. This week is that week, and my heart hurts. Fortunately, week 13 is Rivalry Week, where teams who hate this week’s opponent more than any other get to square off. Let’s see what’s on tap.

Misipi at Misipi St (Thur) – The Egg Bowl pits the 2 SEC schools situated between LSU and ‘Bama usually delivers some kind of signature moment, like Elijah Moore pretending to be a dog taking a leak in the end zone after scoring a TD. Both teams are good this year, But I think the road team is a bit better. Misipi 34, Jerry Clower U 31

Missouri at Ar-Kansas (Little Rock, Fri) – This group of Tigers is showing serious signs of improvement. But Ar-Kansas is improving faster. Another close game in the making. Pigs 28, Mizzou 27

Florida State at Florida – Let’s call this the Letdown Bowl. Two teams that used to need this game for their national championship hopes now see the loser not getting a bowl bid. Florida needs a new coach. I think the road team will be just a bit less terrible. FSU 23, Lizards 20

Georgia at Georgia Tech – There isn’t nearly enough hate for Tech to rally around to make up for the cavernous talent gap. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 55, Tech 9

Kentucky at Louisville – I’m trying to wrap my head around the concept of Kentucky with 10 wins. If they win this one and their bowl game, they get there. I expect a shootout. Briars 37, Lou-EEE-vull 31

Texas A&M at LSU – The slow burn of the lame-duck coach is brought to a merciful end. A&M 30, LSU 17

Clempson at South Carolina – SC is peaking at the right time, while Clempson came back from the dead to thrash Wake Forest last week. This should be extremely entertaining. I’ll certainly be watching. In the end, I think the home team has barely enough to pull it out. Fightin’ Chickens 27, Clempson 24

Vanderbilt at Tennessee – The Vols appear to be back on track. Vandy is in search of a track. Any track. This one will be a yawner. Rocky Medium 43, Vandy 13

‘Bama at Auburn – Remember when Auburn controlled its own destiny in the race to the SEC West title? Neither do I, but it seems that talking heads were saying that a month ago. ‘Bama is, if you will forgive the terrible pun, rolling. At least I don’t have to worry about being heartbroken by a last-minute loss. The Evil Empire 40, war eagle 14

Charlotte at Old Dominion – After we beat FIU to get to 4-2, one of the CBSSN announcers said, “Looking at Charlotte’s last 6 games, all of them are winnable.” In the 5 games since, we have 1 win, in overtime, and 4 losses that were all butt-kickings. ODU is surging. I love Will Healy as a motivator, and he’s a decent in-game tactician, but he badly needs to up the recruiting game. The defense is so bad that every team views us as a chance to get 40 points and a win. Looks like my guys will be staying home for the holidays. ODU 37, 49ers 17

Last week’s record: 10-1

Season: 86-28

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